“I have a leak coming from the attic. A roofer and general contractor both pointed to air duct handlers in the attic. I contacted Messina and they sent out Richy. He verified that the water is actually a roof leak. I so much appreciate the expertise and professionalism. Even though I cannot use Messina at this point I definitely will with my future heating and ac needs. thank you, Susan Trader”
- susan t.

“Our upstairs AC unit died. Another company came in and immediately tried to upsell me to an $18,000 new unit when this one was only used for four years max. From the moment I contacted Messina they went out of their way to quickly respond and triage the problem which was a blower motor. Unfortunately, they said the part was expected in two to three weeks so I would have to wait. They then called me back in less than a week and said they were able to get the part in quicker and were at my house the very next morning. All fixed and all cool! I really respect the communication, honesty and care that they have shown our family. I will definitely be using them again for other projects!”

Steve W.

“We’ve had services from all components of Charles Messina in the past few years. We’ve recommended their services to countless people, as a result of our satisfaction. Jerry has become a staple for many of the plumbing issues needed for our family. Very respectable and established professional group. Thank you for being there for us.”

Dave P.

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