Trane Hyperion™ Communicating Air Handler.

Reliably Built

The Hyperion™ double-walled cabinet helps prevent energy loss. With this, the air handler can work reliably all year long, reduce its carbon footprint, and create a cleaner environment.

Communication Technology

ComfortLink® II communicating technology connects all of your key system components. Your system will automatically charge, configure and calibrate for optimal performance through the lifetime of your products. The TAM9 model also offers a 24V connectivity option.

Quiet Comfort

The exclusive Trane Vortica™ blower and fully insulated cabinet provides homeowners with reliable, ultra-quiet operation. Stay comfortable without the extra noise.

Improved Indoor Air

Add Trane CleanEffects® Whole Air Home Cleaner to your air handler to filter out dust, particles, and other harmful irritants from your home’s air.