Trane Deluxe Wall Mount PH.

Comfort Control

The Deluxe Wall Mount PH gives you control over your home comfort. Ductless systems operate in just one room, or zone, so each space in your home with a ductless system can be tailored to your preferences. Plus, you’ll have total control of fan speed, air direction, and more, along with temperature.

Smart Home Connectivity

Take control of the temperature, fan speed, and air direction in each room or zone with the Kumo Cloud® or other smart home device.

Improved Air Quality

The Deluxe Wall Mount PH comes equipped with completely reusable, washable, anti-allergen filters. Enjoy cleaner air and improved air quality with these built-in, easy-to-use filters.

Easy Installation

The Deluxe Wall Mount PH installs quickly and easily avoiding the need for major construction or remodeling.