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Professional Air Conditioning Contractors

Serving Residents in Kent, Sussex and New Castle County Since 1989

Charles Messina Plumbing, Electric & HVAC Co., Inc in Dover & Lewes, DE are full-service air conditioning contractors who provide everything from system evaluations and repair, to brand new installation. Air conditioning and ventilation are essential, especially in an area like ours where there’s a potential for needing AC as early as April and as late as October. We provide free estimates on all air conditioning installations, too!

It’s not just about keeping the air cool, it’s also about air quality. On hot days where your air-conditioned home is the only respite from the pounding heat, it’s important to ensure you’re also breathing clean air.

If your home has an older set up or no air conditioning system at all, we are happy to install a brand new central air conditioning from the ductwork to the air conditioning unit itself, and every step in between.

Residential AC Services In Dover & Lewes, DE

custom air conditioning systems in Delaware

Create Custom Air Conditioning Systems

If you live in an older house or have just built a new home, we are happy to totally replace your prior and less functional system, or lack thereof, with a fresh installation. We can lay ductwork specifically for your home’s structural design.

21 point inspection in Delaware

21 Point Inspection

Our certified technicians have developed a 21-point inspection process to thoroughly evaluate your entire AC system. We will supply a full evaluation of our findings to ensure we address any and all issues on a systemic level for total care.

duct blast test Delaware

Duct Blast Test

A duct blast test is meant to deeply and specifically evaluate your entire system of ductwork for leaks or weaknesses that can easily develop into leaks. If there is anything causing inefficiencies in your air conditioning, we will find it.

install & repair duct work

Install & Repair Duct Work

We don’t just install air conditioning units, we can build and install all ductwork needed, as well. Should your ductwork be in disrepair, we will address each issue specifically to ensure a small problem doesn’t turn into a big one.

HVAC Maintenance Contracts include agreements for:

  • Gas & Oil Heater Contracts
  • Gas & Oil Boiler Contracts
  • Heat Pump Contracts
  • Air Conditioning Contracts
  • Hybrid System Contracts
  • Duct Cleaning Contracts

There are Big Benefits of being a Maintenance customer!

If you are a part of our maintenance agreements:

  • If you have an issue, you will receive a 10% discount off our quoted price to repair or replace parts.
  • If a total replacement is necessary,you will receive a 10% discount off the labor rate.
  • You will be a preferred service client, and your needs will be met first!

Call us if you need help with plumbing, electric work, heating, and more!

For installation, repair, and maintenance of your residential air conditioning system, contact us at our Dover or Lewes, DE offices today!