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Residential Heating Services & Repair

Serving Residents in Kent, Sussex and New Castle County Since 1989

Charles Messina Plumbing, Electric & HVAC Co., Inc in Dover & Lewes, DE provides extensive home heating and ventilation services. The temperature of your home is not only important for personal comfort but can also affect the health of you or your family members. Keeping a clean, well filtered, and properly functioning heating system is not only paramount to general health and comfort but can also influence your monthly utility bills. If the air has to push passed dust and other common build up to reach your space, not only does it naturally work harder, but may also be the culprit to some allergies or recurring colds.

Our heating services for your home:

custom heating systems in Delaware

Create Custom Heating Systems

Whether you’re building a new residence or wish to replace older heating systems and ductwork, call us. We provide standard and custom heating system installations to match your budget and lifestyle. Lower bills, warmer home.

21 point inspection in Delaware

21 Point Inspection

We have a 21 point inspection process to evaluate the weak points and inefficiencies within your entire heating system. We’ll provide you a full inspection review and discuss our findings, and what the best plan of action is.
duct blast test Delaware

Duct Blast Test

New or old, it is a good idea to test the integrity of your duct system. You may have weaknesses or leaks you are unaware of that are causing poor air quality and higher bills. We will locate and repair those inefficiencies.

install & repair duct work

Install & Repair Duct Work

If you are sensing an issue in your ductwork, we will perform tests to uncover inefficiencies or leaks. No matter the issue, we are well equipped and certified to repair or install ductwork to ensure clean and warm air flow.
HVAC Maintenance Contracts include agreements for:

  • Gas & Oil Heater Contracts
  • Gas & Oil Boiler Contracts
  • Heat Pump Contracts
  • Air Conditioning Contracts
  • Hybrid System Contracts
  • Duct Cleaning Contracts

There are Big Benefits of being a Maintenance customer!

If you are a part of our maintenance agreements:

  • If you have an issue, you will receive a 10% discount off our quoted price to repair or replace parts.
  • If a total replacement is necessary, you will receive a 10% discount off the labor rate.
  • You will be a preferred service client, and your needs will be met first!

Contact us or stop by today at our Dover or Lewes, DE locations! If your home isn’t getting the heat it needs, or if you wish to switch to a new and more energy efficient system, trust our team!